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Grace Built Home Improvement has been focusing on residential remodeling work in the Cumberland, MD, area for years. Our specialties are kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects, and our goal is to deliver results that you can be proud of.

What separates us from the other residential home improvement contractors in the area is that we don't do multiple projects at the same time. When we're working on your home, we're focused on getting your job done instead of being spread out over three or four other jobs, which means that we can get your job done right and complete it quickly.
Bathroom — Home Improvements in Cumberland, MD
We'll give you a free estimate on any project you're considering, and we'll review all the options at your disposal. We work on different types of flooring, counter tops, wall coverings and fixtures for the bathroom and kitchen. Our team makes it a point to listen closely to your ideas and then turn those ideas into realities

Grace Built Home Improvement arrives at your home on schedule and makes sure to remove any debris or mess we make during the job. We work with you to protect any valuables or furniture, and we're always available for free consultations. Give us a call at 301-876-9006 to get your next remodeling project started the right way.

Solar Power Energy

We're one of the few residential home improvement companies that can offer you the benefits of solar energy. Grace Built Home Improvement is a solar energy contractor for the states of Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, so we're ready to size up your home for solar energy.

The panels that Grace Built Home Improvement uses for each solar project can last up to 25 years, and they require very little maintenance. As a homeowner, you can take advantage of the federal tax incentives offered for upgrading to solar power and get your alternative energy package for an even lower price. There are also state rebates you can benefit from; we'll let you know exactly what is at your disposal.

When we do our flooring projects, we use environmentally friendly materials that help save you money. By installing solar panels, you're doing even more to help the environment by cutting down on your consumption of municipal power while reducing your electric bills every month.

Give Grace Built Home Improvement a call at 301-876-9006, and let us explain the benefits of solar power.